Transformational Coaching Skills Assessment

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Transformational Coaching Skills Assessment   

Foundation Phase:

  1. 1.Connect
  2. 2.Set Course and GRRATE Expectations
  3. 3.Observe
  4. 4.Prepare

Feedback Loop Phase:

  1. 5.Be Present, State Topic and Context, Share Positive Intensions, and Permission Check
  2. 6.Describe Behavior and Impact on Relationships and Results (Reinforce Progress and Identify Opportunities)
  3. 7.Ask Learning Questions to Explore Experience and Beliefs
  4. 8.Reflectively & Empathetically Listen
  5. 9.Explore Mutual Accountability

Forwarding-the-Action Phase:

  1. 10.Refocus on Shared Vision of Success
  2. 11.Solicit and Suggest Options
  3. 12.Request Specific Changes
  4. 13.Require Specific Changes
  5. 14.Require Changes (Clarify Consequences)
  6. 15.Clarify Action Commitment and Follow-up Plan, and Offer Support
  7. 16.Debrief and Offer Appreciation