Coaching Culture Assessment Report

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Coaching Culture Assessment Report  

Coaching Culture Assessment Report

Competency One: Leadership

Leaders set the tone, pace, and expectations for a culture as they inescapably role model what is expected, desired, and/or tolerated in the company. People assume permission to do what they perceive is modeled by their next level of leadership. Leaders model being a “coach practitioner” engaged in continuous learning about what it means to be a coach.

Competency Two: Customer Focus

Customers are the life-line of the organization. Business practices are established to pro-actively seek, verify, understand, and positively respond to challenges identified in customer feedback, and follow-up with (internal & external) customer stakeholders to ensure satisfaction.

Competency Three: 360° Coaching

A coaching culture incorporates coaching up (to your Boss), laterally (to your Peers), and down (to your Direct Reports), and encourages people to coach outside their management ‘line of sight’. Coaching conversations make it easier for people to talk about what is important in their jobs and in serving the strategy & mission of the organization.

Competency Four: Learning & Change

People are expected to have learning conversations with all teammates that result in more understanding and support for one another, more cohesion and trust, easier resolution of conflicts, and more results for the organization. People safely challenge ideas and decisions, lessons learned are shared more easily, risk-taking is enhanced and the organization becomes more effective and efficient.

Competency Five: Systems Integration

All Human Resource Systems that impact people (recruiting, training, performance evaluations, promotions, compensation, personal development plans, etc.) have directly integrated coaching principles into their practices. The systems support and encourage coaching as a way of life.